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random acts of kindness

Doxie Kaltz is helping the homeless population in Detroit by distributing to them backpacks filled with basic necessities. The packs are filled with socks, gloves, food, hygiene products, snacks, blankets and gift cards.

Doxie raises money for the supplies and backpacks by holding fundraisers as well as selling personalized art pieces. She now has regular volunteers that assist with the project. This is a powerful example of how a simple random act of kindness can make a difference.

“This was never an initially organized program, Doxie just had some extra things and put them in the back of her car and stopped on the way to work and talked to the guys and gave them the goods. Then more people started giving Doxie things to give away. I have known Doxie to literally give her own boots off her feet to a homeless person in need. For those not familiar, doing this in the City of Detroit is not always a safe thing to do, but at this point everyone pretty well knows Doxie and what she does.”

-  Jennie Kay