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Helping you communicate the objective of your corporate event through compelling visual content

compelling visual content for corporate events marketing

Helping you communicate to your target audience through compelling visual content for your corporate event

What you do goes far beyond planning an event. You help your association invest in the future by connecting professionals to opportunities and resources. Your industry is watching you, prospective members are curious and the world is waiting to see what you’ve got. Respond in a voice that’s attention grabbing and clear with photography and videography that expresses the value of your association.


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In order to communicate effectively across multiple platforms, you need visual content that's marketable across multiple platforms. You need it to be compelling, and speak to professionals, prospective members and sponsors equally.

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Powerful visual content enables you to connect to your audience. Stirring up emotion, informing them of who you are and what you’re about; inspiring them to respond and in turn increasing membership.

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Your annual event is where the giants of your industry and the next generation of leaders can will come together to share, learn, and unite in the name of progress to a achieve a unified goal.

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Our Practice

KTP has been helping associations share their voice for over a decade. Contact us to discuss your specific visual content needs for your upcoming event and how we can do the same for you.

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A Top 10 Service

Our meeting has grown substantially in recent years, and so have the demands we've placed on our photography needs, and KTP exceeds our expectations each year.

— Adam Wise, Senior Communications Manager at SITC